Correct Steps For Actual Operation Of Mask Machine Embossing Roller

The proper safety operating procedures for the embossing roller of the mask machine are roughly divided into the following 9 points

1. During the entire operation process, remember that you cannot use force to immediately remove the edges or dirt around the cutting knife; in addition, the construction steel bar shakes the surrounding area, and it is not allowed to trap non-operating staff;

2. When the mechanical equipment is in order to achieve all normal speed ratios, the material cannot be cut. When cutting materials, it is recommended to use the middle and lower positions of the cutting knife. It is only for quick capital investment of the construction steel bar pointing to the edge of the knife. It is recommended that the operator stand on the side of the fixed cutter head and press the construction steel bar strongly to avoid the end of the construction steel bar from popping up. Cause injury

3. Before starting the machine and equipment, you must be careful and ensure that the cutting knife is free of cracks, the knife table anchor bolts are tightened, and the protective cover is firm.

4. In the work of receiving and feeding materials, the cabinet countertop should be maintained at the level under the cutting knife, and the proposal can be clarified according to the length of the production and processing raw materials

5. When it is found that the machine equipment is operating abnormally, there is noise or the cutting knife is tilted, etc., it is recommended to shut down immediately for maintenance;

6. After the machinery and equipment are started, the aviation parts must be transferred for a while, and the position of each transmission system and the middle of the rolling bearing should be checked whether everything is normal, and the actual operation can be carried out after it is correct;

7. Non-cutting diameter and compressive strength are beyond the required building steel bars and red-hot building steel bars. When multiple building steel bars are torn at one time, the total section must be within the required range;

8. When cutting high-alloy steel, it is recommended to use the embossing roll of a high-toughness cutting knife and mask machine, and the cutting diameter should meet the required value;

9. After the work is completed, first disconnect the switching power supply, use a wire brush to remove the dirt between the cutting knives, and carry out the cleaning and moisturizing of the entire equipment.