CNC Machining Manufacturer Mask Machine Cutting Emboss Roller Customized Mould

Roller Knife is a die made of a blade on an arc - shaped steel plate.A roll cutter usually consists of the following parts:rod shaft, roller, transmission shaft, embossing shaft, gear die shaft, welding head and chromium plated steel shaft.

For die cutting packaging, such as cigarette box roller knife die, the processing accuracy should be within ±0.07mm product die cutting error is appropriate; For magnetic rotary die cutting knife, because it is usually a few die cutting knife at the same time in a line in order to die cutting products of different parts, so the machining accuracy should be in product die cutting error within ±0.03mm is appropriate.

Roller knife mold was first used in the field of post-press processing, and later in electronics, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries have made great progress.

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Our company have professional roller knife, flat knife. Equip with research and development personnel, with machine 6 units, . At the same time to meet the needs of different customers, the company's roller knife annual capacity of 5000, flat knife annual capacity of 20000, the products are sold to Thailand, mainland and other areas.