Advantages of Flat Wire

Advantages of Flat Wir

1. The steel wire ring made of special-shaped wire is bound by thin steel strip devided along the circumference, and there is no flowable rubber between the steel wire, so that its geometric shape can be maintained during the vulcanization process of the blank. 

2. International key accounts: Sumitomo Rubber, Bridgestone, Cooper Tires, Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, etc. 

3. It not only can reliably transmit automobile power, but also ensures good seal between bead and rim. 


Advantages of Flat Wire:

1. By using oblique 15 degree rectangular traveller or oblique 15 degree quadrilateral traveller, the weight of a single tire can be reduced by about 1-2 kg, which is very important for realizing high quality and lightweight of all steel Tubeless Radial tire.

2. By using oblique 15 degree rectangular or oblique 15 degree quadrilateral ring travellers, the space occupied by ring travellers can be reduced by 10%~30%, which is beneficial to improving the rational layout of other parts in the bead position, optimizing the tire structure and improving the tire quality.

3. The bead used in manufacturing bead with special-shaped wire can be directly used by tire factory after purchasing. The tire factory can save a lot of equipment investment, manpower and material resources, improve production efficiency and economic benefits.