The plating

Copper and zinc as the base material

Brass, copper and zinc 30

Brass, copper and zinc 37

Optional coating material

Tin, Sn

Silver, Ag

Ni, Ni

Other materials (as required)


Thickness: 0.017 ~ 1.200 mm

Width: 0.200 ~ 6.000 mm


According to the different intensity can be divided into

And other strengths that the customer can meet the customer's requirements

Edges: rounded, square, triangular

Product features

Both geometric and mechanical data are checked and recorded according to customer requirements.

Minimum tolerances are established according to thickness and width.

Resistance test of corresponding specification

Customer specified specifications for production

Straightness & Alt; 5 mm/m

Example application of brass flat wire

Apply to spring products

Applied to spring elements

Used for manufacturing toothbrush connector